QuickChek Rolls Out New Kiosk Ordering System

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J. — QuickChek Corp. has partnered with Xpedient LLC to implement self-serve kiosk software across its entire foodservice operation.

Whitehouse Station-based QuickChek, operator of 137 convenience stores in New York and New Jersey, sought a tool to deliver a higher level of customer service, while providing a universal, customizable and user-friendly foodservice ordering experience at each store.

"We needed a process that was simple and easy to execute to deploy the content to over 600 kiosks in our stores," said Maria Fidelibus, QuickChek's vice president of information technology. "…[Xpedient] came up with a creative, solution-oriented process that allows us to [deploy content] and not impact our customer service."

The ability to guide portion control — giving cost savings to stores through less waste — is a major benefit of the Xpedient software suite, added QuickChek's Director of Foodservice Jennifer Vespole.

"We are able to now really understand and communicate with our employees, this particular recipe gets this amount of cheese, this amount of toppings, based on what is being built to order," Vespole stated. “Really, we’re able to control all of the ingredients that go on that sandwich and understand what our base cost is for every product.”

Louisville-based Xpedient LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Solutions Inc. The company offers software development, consulting, implementation, training and support services.

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