QuickChek Shifts to Paperless Hiring Process

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QuickChek Shifts to Paperless Hiring Process


WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J. -- QuickChek Corp. streamlined its hiring process and reduced paperwork with its move to JobApp Network, a solution designed for multi-unit operations without recruiting professionals at individual locations, according to a Stores.org report. The convenience store chain has an annual turnover rate at approximately 40 percent at more than 120 stores.

"But even at that rate, we're on track to hire about 1,200 people," stated Bob Graczyk, vice president of human resources.

Instead of placing responsibility onto individual managers who reviewed job applications and called candidates in for interviews, QuickChek now uses JobApp Network to screen and score jobseekers with a one-to-five star rating system based on certain criteria. "If I have two candidates for a position that requires weekends and holidays, and one says 'Yes' to working weekends and holidays and the other says 'No,' I'm going to look at the candidate that says 'Yes,'" Graczyk said.

JobApp created a custom integrated talent management solution for QuickChek that includes applicant tracking, behavioral assessments, on boarding, tax credit screening/processing and electronic I-9 and W-4 E-Verify immigration compliance, according to the report.

Graczyk noted that the new system has allowed the company to save 50 percent of the time it previously spent dealing with paperwork. It also lets store managers share applicants with each other, and lets the company look at better-quality people more quickly, he said.

"I think some of our success measures are going to be feedback from the field about [improved] quality of the candidates," Graczyk said. "Certainly we'll be able to take a look at our turnover and retention rates and look at the change in those."

Graczyk added that while he can't yet speculate on QuickChek's return on investment, "There's no doubt JobApp's simplicity has been well received by the team."