QuikTrip Billboard Gets Honest about Health

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QuikTrip Billboard Gets Honest about Health

TULSA, Okla. -- Convenience store chain QuikTrip got refreshingly honest with its health claims -- or rather, lack thereof -- with a new billboard that doesn't try to tell customers that chocolate milk is essential for children, or that Coca-Cola should play a role in a "healthy, active lifestyle," according to a recent blog post on BNET.com.

Instead, the retailer's new billboard acknowledges that junk food is bad for you, but still delicious. "Life's too short for oatmeal," it says, with the message displayed next to a larger-than-life-sized picture of a sticky bun, the blog reported.

QuikTrip's approach is much more honest than putting a green "Smart Choices" check mark on junk food on grounds that it might be healthier than other junk food. Plus, it's much less likely to run into legal troubles, according to the blog.

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