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QuikTrip Brings PumpStart to Des Moines

DES MOINES, Iowa -- QuikTrip Corp., the Tulsa, Okla.-based operator of 449 stores in nine states, is implementing its PumpStart Card program at its 22 Des Moines stores to deter fuel theft in that market.

"The QuikTrip stores in the Des Moines Division lost almost $1.5 million in gasoline thefts last year. We intend to stop it," said company spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh. By eliminating gas theft, law enforcement officers will be able to allocate more time and manpower to focus on other crimes. It will also help eliminate dangerous and erratic driving by gasoline thieves speeding from parking lots. The PumpStart program also allows store employees to give even better customer service as they will no longer have to worry whether a customer is trying to steal gasoline.

"We have implemented this program in our Tulsa, Okla.; Wichita, Kansas; and Kansas City metropolitan area stores and the response from customers and law enforcement officials has been very positive," Thornbrugh said. "The PumpStart Card program is a more convenient payment system for cash customers at these prepay stores, and it eliminates gasoline theft."

With the PumpStart program, a QuikTrip store employee records the customer's valid U.S. driver's license, and then issues the customer a PumpStart card. By inserting the PumpStart card into the card reader at the pump, the cash customer can start the pump without having to go into the store and prepay for fuel. Nothing changes for customers paying with credit/debit cards at the pump.

"The PumpStart program makes life easier for our cash customers, and tells the crooks you can't steal gas from QuikTrip," Thornbrugh said.
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