QuikTrip Expands Next Generation Store Format

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QuikTrip Expands Next Generation Store Format


WICHITA, Kan. -- After testing its next generation of convenience stores in Dallas and Kansas City, QuikTrip has expanded the format to Wichita. The new store opened for business Thursday.

"We call it a Generation III store," Steve Wilson, of QuikTrip’s Wichita Division, told KSN TV. "We are very, very excited about this concept. We've listened to consumers and this is what they want."

The new format features fresh food including fruits and vegetables, and a latte bar complete with drink servers.

"What we're really looking to do is increase our fresh food sales," Wilson explained. "We have increased our offer. Sure, we've still got a big selection of the ready-to-eat foods, the take-home foods, but with our new store design, it has room for a specialty coffee area."

This latest Generation III store also features outside seating, according to the news report.

"It's too cold today to eat outside," Wilson added. "But come spring, this will really give people a chance to enjoy being here. Our research shows that a lot of people on the go will actually eat in their cars in the parking lot. We want to offer a better choice."

Customer response has been encouraging, according to the news outlet, and the Oklahoma-based convenience store operator is hoping to build on the success of the new format already found in Kansas City and Dallas.

"These stores have done well in Kansas City and Dallas," Wilson said. "We are really trying to give the customers more of what they've been asking for. It's more variety and more of an offer. Since QuikTrip opened its first store in 1958, the business model continues to change. We understand that."