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QuikTrip Flips 'Live' Switch on Mobile Ordering

TULSA, Okla. — QuikTrip Corp. has flipped the "live" switch on its mobile ordering capability. 

According to Tulsa World, QuikTrip sent a recent push notification via its mobile app informing users that they could now place orders digitally. 

Customers can now order any of the convenience store chain's prepared food or specialty beverages in advance before traveling to a location for pickup. Mobile ordering is still in the soft launch stage and was prompted by changes to QuikTrip's competitive landscape, the company stated.

"The lines are so blurred," said Mike Thornbrugh, spokesman for QuikTrip. "It's no longer convenience store vs. convenience store. It's retailers in general against retailers."

The chain has not yet begun advertising the feature but plans to do so in the future.

"As more and more people become accustomed to it and understand it, then we're going to get behind the marketing of it and get that message out," Thornbrugh said.

QuikTrip isn't setting a goal of specific downloads for its app, Thornbrugh added. Instead, the company plans to build awareness and usage purposefully.

"I'm sure there are going to be scenarios that we are going to learn from. As we go along and see different things, we'll make adjustments," Thornbrugh said.

Tulsa-based QuikTrip operates more than 700 convenience stores in 11 states. 

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