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QuikTrip Takes Steps to Stop Panhandling

TULSA, Okla. – QuikTrip is taking steps to curb panhandling around its stores, according to a report. The company has posted new signs warning against loitering outside its convenience stores in response to individuals aggressively asking for money and making both customers and employees feel unsafe.

“You tell them to leave and then they ignore you,” QuikTrip spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh told the news outlet.

Panhandlers who avoid the signs will be reported to the police. This has already occurred in the case of one Tulsa County panhandler who was jailed for aggressive begging, according to the report.

Certain panhandlers are also known to offer complicated stories about why they need money in order to scam customers, but Thornbrugh stated that store employees will take action if they see individuals ignoring the warning signs.

"They see us with red shirts on, or a QT badge they take off now, they know it’s coming, the heat is on them,” Thornbrugh said.

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