Quiznos Debuts "Eat Toasty, Be Green" Campaign

DENVER -- Quiznos kicked off its "Eat Toasty, Be Green" campaign by introducing several types of environmentally responsible packaging aimed at helping the quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain minimize its impact on the environment and reduce its eco-footprint.

Quiznos locations now feature several new types of packaging, including 100-percent compostable, wax-coated paper cups; pulp salad bowls made from renewable sugarcane; plastic lids made of 30-percent post-consumer-recycled PET bottles; napkins made from 100-percent recycled material and fibers (90 percent post-consumer); and catering lunch boxes made of 100-percent recycled paperboard (35 percent post-consumer).

In addition, Quiznos is helping its team members embrace the green shift by starting to migrate them to uniform items made from 100-percent recycled soda bottles. Each hat saves approximately six bottles from reaching a landfill and each apron saves approximately 25 bottles, according to the company.

"Quiznos is extremely proud to be a leader of the QSR environmental responsibility movement. We are among the first national QSRs to introduce more environmentally responsible packaging ... and hope our efforts will encourage other businesses to take steps to reduce their eco-footprints," Quiznos CEO Rick Schaden said in a statement. "While packaging changes are a small step in the grand scheme of going green, we know that using packaging that is made in part from recycled materials or that is compostable is a great way to start." He added: "It's a change we're passionate about making."

Quiznos currently has more than 4,000 restaurants in North America.

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