Quiznos Going After Lunch Crowd With Redesigned Stores

DENVER -- With the goal of providing consumers with an unparalleled lunchtime experience, Quiznos is unveiling redesigned stores in neighborhoods across the country. Approximately 1,100 of its restaurants have been remodeled to date, and more than 1,000 others are to be remodeled over the next 12 months, the company announced yesterday.

The redesigned Quiznos stores feature brightly-hued modern design elements in green, purple, red and orange, which Quiznos said reflect its colorful image and energy, while also creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meal.

Quiznos also said it is committed to becoming a proponent for smart eating and the environment. It now offers more than 15 menu items that are less than 500 calories, and recently launched its national "Eat Toasty, Be Green" campaign, introducing more environmentally-friendly uniforms and packaging.

The company recently commissioned market research firm Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey that asked adults about lunch in an effort to capture the current consumer sentiment about the mid-day meal. The "Lunch Report" findings included:

-- Variety is a driving factor for consumers when choosing their lunch spot, with 75 percent of adults feeling more satisfied when having an array of menu options to choose from.

-- People are busier than ever, with the majority of consumers taking 20 minutes or less for lunch (54 percent), and the most common description of consumers' lunch selection being "something fast/quick to make" (19 percent).

-- Smart eating options are more important than ever. Calories and nutrition matter to 76 percent of adults when choosing what to eat for lunch.

-- In today's economic climate, price is top of mind, with 60 percent of adults noting its importance when eating out for lunch.

-- Environmental issues are at the forefront of the consumer psyche, with close to half of adults choosing restaurants that are earth-conscious (47 percent).

"As evidenced by the recent "Lunch Report," it's clear what consumers want -- variety, convenience and taste at a price that won't break the bank," Quiznos President Greg MacDonald said in a statement. "Quiznos will continue to push the envelope while staying true to its roots, and providing the best tasting, high-quality toasted sandwiches, soups, chopped salads and Sammies."

Quiznos CEO Rick Schaden added: "I believe one day sophisticated ingredients like prime rib steak and whole milk mozzarella cheese can no longer be the exception on QSR menus. Quiznos welcomes the opportunity to continue to innovate the lunchtime experience and excite consumer taste buds."

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