RaceTrac CEO to Hand Over the Reigns

ATLANTA -- Allison Moran will become RaceTrac Petroleum Inc.'s CEO on Dec. 31, the 600-plus convenience store chain announced today.

Carl Bolch Jr., RaceTrac's current chairman and CEO, will retain his title of chairman of the board. Bolch Jr. had served in both executive roles for most of his 45 years with RaceTrac.

According to the company, RaceTrac had been working on a transition with Moran, Bolch Jr.'s eldest daughter, for the past year.

"As a family business, RaceTrac benefits from a range of advantages that aren't often found in other companies; things like common values, strong commitment, loyalty, stability, decreased costs and a long-term view of the future," Bolch Jr. wrote in a message to RaceTrac employees. "Just as I joined my dad in the business back in 1967, I've had the pleasure of indoctrinating my own children and now have four who are avid 'TracFanatics' that share my passion for the business. This transition will allow Allison to take RaceTrac into new, exciting and successful directions.”

Moran brings more than 18 years of experience at RaceTrac and is responsible for the creation and development of the Human Resources department. For the past five years, she has led the largest division, RaceTrac company-operated stores. In this role, she spearheaded the group that conceived and executed the division's newest store prototype, the RT6K.

“Our people are our competitive advantage and make the difference in everything we do," said Moran. "In my new role, I look forward to continuing to work with our 6,000 employees as they take us into the future. This is not only an exciting time for me, but for all of our employees, as well."

Moran will be supported in her new role by her father, President Max Lenker, CFO Bob Dumbacher, and Billy Milam, who will be become chief operating officer.

"I am so fortunate to be surrounded by the extensive experience of my father, Max Lenker, and Bob Dumbacher and a strong and committed team of thoughtful leaders," said Moran. "I am excited for what the future holds for RaceTrac.”

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