RaceTrac Revs Up for New Store in Georgia

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RaceTrac Revs Up for New Store in Georgia


GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- The Development Authority of Dawson County has issued initial permits for a new RaceTrac Petroleum convenience store and gas station to be built at Ga. 400 South and Whitmire Road, according to a Gainesville Times report. Construction will begin within the month.

"I believe it will simply add a player to the competition ... that is serious about providing quality products at a very good price to its customers," said Charlie Auvermann, executive director of the Authority. "So the expectation is that the addition will be of benefit to Dawson County consumers."

The new store will be larger than average, likely providing extra jobs in the area, according to the report. "It's a 6,000-square-foot prototype store," said David McKee, planning and development director for Dawson County. "So it's certainly going to take some manpower to run it. It's a pretty big building."

McKee added that the site plans call for 20 fueling bays at the gas station.

Auvermann commended RaceTrac's commitment to the local market, noting that the company purchased the site five years ago. "As I understand it ... they make a selection of where (new stores) could potentially go and if one of those presents a problem they usually move on down the list," said Auvermann. "The fact that they didn't do that for the Dawson County site speaks to the value of our consumer base and our community."