Radiant Systems and Intelio Technologies Announce Parntership

ATLANTA -- Radiant Systems Inc. signed an agreement with Intelio Technologies to become a distributor of Intelio’s Activa Car Wash Activation Kiosk, and to work with Intelio to develop a solution that integrates the Activa kiosk with Radiant’s electronic payments software, the company reported.

"Car wash is fast becoming a strategic profit center for our customers," said Jimmy Frangis, vice president of Radiant’s retail division. "Integrating electronic payments between the store and the wash is an important first step in innovation at the wash tunnel to provide a differentiated customer experience and to improve retailers’ margins. Under our agreement with Intelio, Radiant will be bringing this innovation to life. Intelio’s Activa kiosk is a natural fit with the rest of Radiant’s store technology and specifically, our self-service product line."

The Activa Virtual Attendant is a networked, self-service kiosk designed to greet, educate and upsell car wash customers. Its talking head interface, touchscreen and stereo sound provide a differentiated customer experience resulting in a higher average ticket price. The Activa works with all major carwash manufacturers and is capable of accepting codes sold at fuel dispensers, the company reported.

"We are excited to be bringing enhanced electronic payments to the car wash," said John Carroll, chief executive officer of Intelio Technologies Inc. "When our integration with Radiant is complete, we will be able to connect to multiple networks and take additional payment cards, such as fleet, gift and branded cards at the wash."

Radiant’s electronic payments software integrates a wide variety of processing networks globally for the processing of credit, debit, stored value, fleet and ACH payments. When the integration is complete, customers of Radiant and Intelio will be able to accept more than 100 distinct payment cards at the Activa Virtual Attendant depending on network configuration.
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