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Recent Acquisitions Could Push Wencar to $50 Million Mark

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Recent acquisitions by Corpus Christi, Texas-based convenience store supplier Wencar Inc. will double its customers, add a regional distribution center and increase yearly sales to more than $50 million from $30 million and up from $13 million six years ago, according to Keith Meschi, vice president of the company.

"The addition of wholesale distributors C.W. Traeger of Seguin and Harold's Wholesale in San Marcos are ones that will profit our customers with excellent service and improved buying power," said Meschi. "These strategic acquisitions will allow us to more effectively compete with the titans of this industry. We are able to offer cutting-edge technology, realize decreased fuel costs and a larger experienced sales force."

At a time when fuel prices are near record highs, Wencar recognizes the lower fuel costs consolidation brings. The company believes growth is the most effective solution for smaller distribution companies dealing with ever-expanding routes and shrinking profit margins.

"We now are able to ship a larger amount of merchandise over a larger area due to our new distribution center in Seguin," said Meschi. "Instead of single trucks traveling over 200 miles from our Corpus Christi location, we are now able to ship a single 18-wheeler filled with the following day's orders to the distribution center. We have been able to realize massive fuel cost savings with this technique."

Besides fuel cost savings, Wencar has seen increased sales volume, which has allowed it to negotiate lower shipping rates and quantity discounts from manufacturers.

Wencar serves more than 1,200 customers from Brownsville to the edge of Houston through Austin and Kerrville. It boasts 75 employees and two locations.
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