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Recycling Cell Phones Close to Becoming Law for Calif. Retailers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- An assembly bill that, if passed, would require cell phone retailers to provide take-back opportunities for used cell phones is slated to go before the California State Assembly this week. This will apply to all c-stores in California that are currently selling cell phones and wireless services to their patrons.

In its present form the bill would enact the Cell Phone Recycling Act of 2004, making it unlawful to sell a cell phone in California unless the retailer complies with the act, which would require a retailer selling a cell phone to have in place a system for the acceptance, collection, reuse and recycling or proper disposal of used cell phones. Otherwise, the selling of a cell phone in a retail location would be prohibited.

In order to help comply with this legislation, the Sacramento-based Recycle Foundation has in place a program that will enable retailers to collect electronic waste from patrons in-store, using recycling containers and prepaid return envelopes, which are then forwarded to the company for disposal and recycling actions.
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