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RedPrairie Enhances Transportation Management Solution

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- RedPrairie Corp., a productivity solutions provider, announced today that the 2010.1 release of its Transportation Management and Fleet Management solution includes enhanced functionality for multi-compartment load planning, allowing users to apply planning characteristics to individual sections of a truck or other equipment. Offering an alternative to the typically manual process, the enhancement enables the system to understand what environment, such as frozen, refrigerated or dry, is required for individual products within a multi-compartment vehicle.

"Traditionally, transportation management systems recognized the carrying capacity and contents of a single truck, but not those of separate compartments on those trucks," said Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie vice president of product strategy. "Enhancements made to RedPrairie's 2010.1 release of Transportation Management will provide users visibility into not only what products are on each truck at any given time, but in what compartment on the truck those products should go, how much room is left in each compartment, and what products are allowed to reside within the same compartment."

The enhanced functionality was built to accommodate the fact that certain products require specific environments to arrive at their destinations in optimal condition. Transportation Management and Fleet Management users are still able to view the contents of a single trailer, but RedPrairie's 2010.1 release provides a greater degree of flexibility in planning which products can go in each trailer, and their specific location within the multi-compartment trailer.

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