RedPrairie Integrates RFID Technology into Yard Management

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RedPrairie Integrates RFID Technology into Yard Management

MILWAUKEE -- RedPrairie Corp. integrated radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology into its yard management system.

Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie vice president product strategy, explained this initiative is based off a module of its Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) ultimately providing customers with a new level of visibility and control over yard operations and asset management.

"Customers with hundreds of trailers in their yards found that even with previous generation yard management systems and RF technology, tracking and locating individual trailers for yard movements and audits was challenging, especially when you consider the impact of the weather elements," Kozenski said in a statement.

By using the area-awareness properties of RFID to track trailers from gate check-in through check-out, Kozenski explained customers can reduce the time, cost and uncertainties of managing trailer movements within respective campuses.

"Those without system support were even worse off. But the ability of RFID technology to read all of the tags in a given area makes finding trailers and verifying movements a natural by-product of proximity to fixed or mobile readers," Kozenski said in a statement. "This makes yard management more accurate and efficient."