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RedPrairie Launches New Workforce Management User Interface

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- RedPrairie Corp., a productivity software provider, announced its September 2009 Workforce Management release will introduce an enhanced user interface, enabling greater efficiency and adoptability for its end users.

The new release will allow the company’s customers to implement the solution more quickly, reducing overall change management costs, and enabling quicker ROI, the company reported.

"In a customer survey we conducted recently, Workforce Management users provided tremendous insight into simplifying daily activities even further," Jon Lawrence, RedPrairie’s vice president of workforce management, said in a released statement. "In particular, our users supported dynamic, action-oriented navigation, extendable product functionality, and an integrated experience in accessing other applications. These three features can improve efficiency in daily operations for both retail and hospitality companies."

Feedback from RedPrairie’s pre-release surveys about the enhanced solution suggested that an even stronger focus on a simplified end-user experience enables managers at the site level to spend more time with their employees and customers. Such measures can lead to significant benefits, including increases in sales and customer retention, as well as a higher level of manager satisfaction, with more attention to policy over procedure, the company reported.

"Users, particularly store and hospitality managers, don’t necessarily think about application functions in their daily activities—they think in terms of actions that are required to operate the business," said Lawrence. "Our solution will further simplify the user experience, and enable critical operations activities to be identified and completed in minutes—sometimes even seconds —with a single click."

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