Retailer Alleges Foul Play

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Retailer Alleges Foul Play

POWAY, Calif. -- A proposal by Wal-Mart to build a gas station at its store in Poway was approved by the City Council and Sam Boyd is not happy.

Boyd, who operates the Golden State convenience store in Poway, has been rejected at least three times in his effort to expand his store operations, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

The Poway City Council, on the other hand, approved a proposal by mass merchandiser Wal-Mart to add six fuel pumps to its Poway store. Boyd, who has some of the lowest gas prices in the city, said the viability of his business is at stake and that the city is fostering unfair competition.

"I haven't been treated fairly by the city," Boyd said. "And now they are going to let a corporate giant move in down the street. It's not right.

Boyd's allegations seem to have some merit. After turning down his requests to expand, the city then tried to acquire his property. Boyd turned in petitions with nearly 2,000 signatures supporting his business.

"I've wanted to expand and they won't consider it. What they would like to see on that corner is a bank or restaurant."

City Manager Jim Bowersox disputed Boyd's charges. "There is no room on that corner for more pumps," Bowersox told the San Diego Union Tribune. "What he wants is to be given special treatment by the city and not have to conform to current standards. Besides, his place is already a safety hazard at rush hour with lines of traffic sticking out onto the road."