Ricker Oil Installs inOvation TV at More Sites

ANDERSON, Ind. -- Ricker Oil Co. will install several more Wayne Ovation fuel dispensers equipped with the inOvationTV media program at sites currently in development in central Indiana. 

Ricker's previously installed the inOvationTV program at a number of its locations as part of site upgrade and build-out efforts in the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area. inOvation TV features Gas Station TV, which provides exclusive news, weather, sports and business programming at the pump.

"We were one of the first in the country to aggressively position and differentiate ourselves," said Quinn Ricker, president and CEO of Ricker Oil. "With the inOvationTV media program, we know that our customers are receiving an enhanced fueling experience and positive brand message every time they visit."

The media platform is also a great way to promote Ricker Oil's rewards program, Ricker's Rewards, the CEO added.

"This is an area where the inOvationTV media program has proven to be a particularly powerful communications venue we use," he said. "Our rewards program is fuel focused, so promoting the program while our customers are fueling makes the program an especially logical and effective tool for us."

In addition to the media platform, the new fuel dispensers are EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) ready, as well as capable of supporting near-field communications solutions as these payment solutions are implemented in the United States, noted Cameron Nokes, product manager for inOvationTV media program, Wayne Fueling Systems.

Anderson-based Ricker's has featured Gas Station TV programming at multiple sites since 2007.

"It is always particularly gratifying when respected retailers like Ricker's convenience stores embrace the inOvationTV media platform and our exclusive Gas Station TV media content at additional sites within their network," said David Leider, CEO of Gas Station TV.

Ricker Oil Co. operates 50 convenience stores and gas stations. The company is a BP, Phillips 66 and Marathon retailer and jobber.

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