Ricker Oil Selects Talent Management System

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Ricker Oil Co. will implement PeopleMatter Hire in its 50 Ricker’s convenience store locations to help find, hire and manage its workforces, the vendor reported. Ricker’s will deploy the PeopleMatter talent management system to automate and streamline its hiring and onboarding tasks, such as applicant tracking, background checks, hiring assessments and onboarding paperwork.

"PeopleMatter Hire reinforces our mission to provide a top-quality customer experience in our stores," said Quinn Ricker, president of Ricker Oil Company. "With more than 600 employees, we need a system that can keep up with all of the HR tasks our managers deal with daily, and one that can find employees who match our business values to keep turnover down. PeopleMatter Hire is that system."

PeopleMatter Hire consolidates and automates all hiring tools into one system and offers seamless integration with social media tools and applications that will keep its workforce motivated and engaged as the company expands, according to the vendor.

"Our automated tools help simplify and streamline complicated HR tasks so managers can focus on engaging their workforce and providing excellent customer service," Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and chief executive officer said in a released statement. "PeopleMatter Hire quickly finds outstanding talent that will further the Ricker brand and build their organization. We are proud to provide our innovative HR technology to one of the most progressive c-store operators in the country."

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