Rockies' BP Gas Retailers Search for New Identity

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Rockies' BP Gas Retailers Search for New Identity

RAPID CITY, S.D. -- A number of BP-branded fuel retailers in the region are seeking a new logo to replace the green BP Helios on their canopies, as the refining and marketing company is pulling out of the state and others in the nation that are not located near its refineries -- including Wyoming, North Dakota, Louisiana and Texas, reported the Rapid City Journal.

"We'll just get a new paint job and a new sign," Bob Rick, owner of Bob's BP here, told the paper. He plans to sign up with a major distributor such as Shell or Mobil, but has not made a deal yet, the report stated. For nearly 30 years, the station flew the Amoco banner, until three years ago, when BP launched a major branding campaign in South Dakota, the report stated. Before Amoco, it was Standard Oil-branded. However, Rick said he’s not worried that he won’t find a major brand.

While some are not worried about the change, others are actively seeking a new partner.

"We're looking at a branded network that can provide us with the best service, availability of product and a credit-card offering," Dave Kulish, general manager at M-G Oil, operator of several BP-brand convenience stores in the area, told the paper.

Criteria include a good brand name and a consistent product, he said.

Due to the push to rebrand the state's Amoco stations to BP three years ago, it came as a surprise to local dealers when the company announced it was pulling out, the report stated.

"It was kind of a surprise, but it was a business decision for them," Kulish told the paper.