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Royal Buying Group Expands Gulf Oil Agreement

HINSDALE, Ill. -- Royal Buying Group Inc. (RBG) announced the expansion of its exclusive, multi-year agreement with Gulf Oil Limited Partnership (Gulf). This expansion will allow RBG to provide convenience retailing services to all of the Exxon-branded retailers supplied by Gulf in the form of vendor rebate administration, marketing programs and promotion management.

"After introducing the convenience store retailing services of Royal Buying Group Inc. to our Gulf-branded locations with great success, it only makes sense for us to open up this program to 700 Exxon-branded locations we supply in the Northeast as well," said Laura Santos, program manager for the Gulf Advantage -- Power of One. "We look forward to increasing the success of this program and the partnership with Royal Buying Group."

"We already have hundreds of Exxon-branded independent retailers in our program today and we are happy to expand the Gulf Advantage program to the Exxon retailers in New York and New England supplied by Gulf Oil," said Royal Buying Group president and CEO Michael Zielinski. "The Gulf Oil-supplied, Exxon-branded locations will have their own proprietary Web site located at
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