Ruiz Foods Using Promotions to Build El Monterey Brand Awareness

DINUBA, Calif. -- Ruiz Foods Inc. is running a full-page free-standing insert (FSI) brand awareness promotion to target Superbowl XLV. The FSI includes a $1 off coupon for any bag of new El Monterey Mexican Snacks.

Recently introduced, the El Monterey Mexican Snack line features a recloseable bag. The 12 snack items available are: Steak & Cheese Flour Taquitos; Chicken & Cheese Flour Taquitos; Southwest Chicken & Cheese Flour Taquitos; Taco Beef and Cheese Flour Taquitos; Chicken and Cheese Mini Chimis; Nacho Cheese and Beef Mini Chimis; Grilled Chicken and 3 Cheese Quesadillas; Eggs, Bacon & Cheese Breakfast Taquitos; Chicken Tamales; Beef Tamales; Shredded Steak Corn Taquitos; and Chicken Corn Taquitos.

The FSI reflects El Monterey's second-year partnership with SmartSource Magazine and its specially designed Super Bowl Savings Spectacular promotion. The partnership includes consumer sweepstakes to Super Bowl XLV, special logo usage and themed in-store shopping carts.

"With a tighter dollar in 2010, people continue to be more vocal about their intention to invite friends over rather than go out, scheduling more casual parties. At the same time, people don't intend to sacrifice time. Lives are too busy. They still want the convenience of spending as little time in the kitchen, preferring to enjoy guests during the eating occasion itself instead of during its preparation," stated Bryce Ruiz, president and CEO of Ruiz Foods. "Our entire El Monterey Mexican Snack line is perfect for such occasions and everyone seems to have a favorite, or two."

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