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Rutter’s Enhancing Omnichannel Experience at Its Fuel Pumps

YORK, Pa. — Rutter’s Farm Stores will add the NCR OPTIC Solution at the pump for its 65 convenience stores. The modular, self-service solution accepts a range of payment options, including EMV and magnetic stripe, contactless and mobile wallet, and 2D barcode scanning.

“We were initially excited by two aspects: the open-source platform and the media management components,” said Scott Hartman, Rutter’s CEO. “The open-source platform allows us to easily integrate our Rutter’s VIP Club rewards program, while the new media capabilities extend our storefront marketing to the forecourt. It’s a major omnichannel win.”

OPTIC, first introduced at the 2015 NACS Show, comes in two sizes, a 5-inch terminal for use with older dispensers, and a 12-inch model. According to NCR, OPTIC was engineered to retrofit most brands of fuel dispensers, allowing retailers to easily upgrade their at-the-pump engagements.

“While OPTIC provides Rutter’s the immediate benefit of outdoor EMV compliance, the long-term benefit comes as the company improves its omnichannel experience at the fuel pump,” said Michael Bayer, president, NCR Retail. “By extending our partnership, we can better support Rutter’s initiatives to enhance customer engagement, whether the consumers are in the store or at the forecourt.”

Rutter's will officially introduce OPTIC at the pump in the fourth quarter of this year. 

York, Pa.-based Rutter’s is a family-owned convenience store chain operating more than 60 locations throughout Central Pennsylvania. 

Duluth, Ga.-based NCR Corp. provides software, hardware and a portfolio of other services, enabling more than 550 million transaction a day worldwide.


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