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Rutter's Loyalty Program Attracts 100,000 Customers

YORK, Pa. -- Rutter's launched its new loyalty program -- Rutter's Rewards -- in September 2009, and in only three months, managed to get more than 100,000 customers signed up.

"This has been two years in the making," Scott Hartman, president and CEO of Rutter's told CSNews Online. "It takes a lot of years and planning to get the systems in place to do a loyalty program the right way."

While the company is pleasantly surprised at how many customers are signing up for the program, Hartman told CSNews Online: "It hits to the core of the economic environment right now."

With the tagline of "See the Icon, Buy the Product, Earn the Reward!" Rutter's Rewards allows customers to earn cents off gasoline by purchasing one of more than 1,600 everyday items bearing a special display icon.

Customers can fill out an application online or at the store, and the company is doing advertising with in-store and pump signage, as well as radio and social media, Hartman said. Employees are also being given incentives to sign up customers.

While most items carry a 1-cent reward, the chain is offering a limited time promotion of three cents off a gallon for customers who purchase any size coffee. And for those coffee drinkers who come in every day, they can earn a 15-cent discount per gallon on their next fill up.

Right now rewards are focused on gasoline, but Hartman told CSNews Online there will be other rewards in the next couple of months. And while customers are not required to register their card, Hartman said the chain is offering incentives to do so, including gift card giveaways to registered customers only.

It's free to participate in Rutter's Rewards, and there's no limit to the dollar amount that customers can earn. Rewards are good for 60 days from the date on which they are earned.

Rutter's Rewards customers receive two key chain cards and one magnetic stripe card. To earn rewards, they simply present any one of the cards when they purchase a qualifying item. However, magnetic stripe card must be used at the pump or at the cash register to redeem the accumulated awards.

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