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Rutter's Offers Coupons With Mobile App

YORK, Pa. -- Rutter's Farm Stores rolled out yesterday a mobile coupon feature for its iPhone application, available as a free download from

Like paper coupons, Rutter's mobile coupons will vary over time to include offers for cents off gasoline and other items, buy-one-get-one-free and free items. Rutter's has worked with suppliers to offer these coupons; the first set of offers will be sponsored by The Hershey Co., Pepsi and Rutter's Dairy.

"We believe that Rutter's is the first convenience store in the United States to introduce coupons on a mobile phone," Scott Hartman, president and CEO of Rutter's Farm Stores, said in a statement. "We've made a significant commitment to our customers to provide them with the latest technology, from our Web site and social media to mobile applications, which now include money-saving coupons."

With the new feature, customers who open the Rutter's iPhone app will find coupons under "deal alerts." When a customer clicks "use it now," a coupon appears on his or her screen for a short amount of time, during which it can be scanned at checkout.

Rutter's iPhone app also allows users to get directions to the nearest Rutter's store and check current gas prices. Rutter's plans to introduce apps for Blackberry and Droid mobile devices in the coming months. Customers who already have the Rutter's app can download an update to enable them to receive coupons and offers, the company stated.

In addition, the iPhone app can be used like the free Rutter's Rewards loyalty card. Customers can register their loyalty cards using the app, then when checking out, can click the "Rutter's Rewards" icon to display their member number and bar code, which can be used instead of a Rutter's Rewards card or key fob for transactions.

This feature in particular has been positively reviewed by customers, according to the company.

"Great app," said David Napierskie of York. "I hate carrying those loyalty cards. This is an awesome alternative."

The Rutter's Rewards card allows customers to earn cents off gasoline by purchasing items in store sporting a special display icon. More than 150,000 customers have saved money on gasoline since Rutter's Rewards debuted in the fall, according to the company.

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