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Rutter's Offers New Lower-Fat Alternatives

YORK, Pa. — Rutter's Farm Stores added two lower-fat options, turkey bacon and black bean burgers, to its menu this week.

The black bean burger offers Rutter's customers a lower-fat, high-protein alternative to the one-third-pound Angus beef burger that Rutter's offers, the company said. The quarter-pound, chipotle-flavored patty can be substituted in any burger order on the menu, including patty melts and Rutter's Ultimate Burger line.

The new turkey bacon also offers a low-fat alternative to regular bacon. Customers can add turkey bacon in every instance where bacon is an option.

"We listen to the feedback our customers give us," said Rutter's Vice President of Foodservice Jerry Weiner. "We brought these new items to the menu in part because they're on trend, but also because they're what our customers have asked us for."

The central Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain also debuted a new appetizer sampler plate this week. Rutter's new sampler plate allows customers to build their own dish by choosing from the 10 appetizers on its menu, including boneless chicken wings. Customers can add dipping sauces to flavor each order to their exact taste.

York-based Rutter's Farm Stores operates 60 convenience stores in Pennsylvania.

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