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Rutter's Unveils VIP Club

YORK, Pa. -– Rutter’s Farm Stores launched the Rutter’s Rewards VIP Club, offering members three primary benefits: the ability to earn and redeem rewards without using a card; access to exclusive new food ordering technology called Remember Me; and the ability to choose VIP Club member-only offers to add to their Rutter’s Rewards loyalty wallet.

Once a customer joins the VIP Club at, they can earn fuel rewards inside the store and redeem them at the pump without swiping a Rutter’s Rewards card. Instead, they simply enter into the pin pad their 10-digit phone number ID and 4-digit passcode, which they choose at the time of enrollment.

Meanwhile, Rutter’s is reportedly the only convenience store retailer in the country to offer the Remember Me food ordering technology to its club customers. When a VIP logs into the touchscreen food ordering kiosk using their phone number ID and passcode, they can save up to 12 orders. They can then recall and reorder their saved favorites during subsequent visits.

The Rutter’s Rewards VIP Club also allows members to choose from exclusive, VIP-only offers to be added to their Rutter’s Rewards loyalty wallet. To redeem the offers, the customer again enters their phone number ID and passcode into the register’s pin pad, and the promotional offer is automatically taken off the transaction.  

“One of the requests we received most often from our customers since beginning the Rutter’s Rewards program has been to give them the flexibility to use an alternative to the card at the pump,” said Derek Gaskins, Rutter’s chief customer officer. “We think we’ve met their request with the launch of the VIP Club, and have exceeded their expectations with the Remember Me technology and the Rutter’s Rewards loyalty wallet initiatives.”

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