S.C. Lottery Already a Success

CHARLESTON, S.C.Since South Carolina voters overwhelmingly approved initiating a state lottery in June, more than 1,200 businesses have applied to sell South Carolina Lottery tickets when they go on sale in January.The state Lottery Commission yesterday began issuing licenses to the first group of them. The applicants range from small-town convenience stores and gas stations to larger grocery chains.To get approval for a license, retailers had to pay a $225 application fee, fill out paperwork detailing things like customers traffic and undergo a background check. One potential retailer said that the process would be well worth the effort and give his store a much-needed sales boost. Lottery retailers will receive a percentage of each ticket they sell."I'm here all the time and I just might as well make any money off of it," said Jimmy Brooks, owner of an Exxon Tiger Mart in Honea Path, S.C. "I think it's a good thing for the state. I have a lot of people leave here and go to Georgia to buy tickets."Most applicants are approved, but a few have been rejected, the commission said in a statement. Liquor stores have been turned down because of a state law prohibiting the sale of lottery tickets at stores that sell liquor. However, sales are permitted at stores that sell beer and wine -- a group that includes most convenience stores and supermarkets.
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