Sheetz Re-Tests Grab-n-Go Food Case

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Sheetz Re-Tests Grab-n-Go Food Case

ALTOONA, Pa. -- Sheetz has redesigned its Grab-n-Go case and is testing it in 30 stores that span its store designs and markets. The new case is designed to market to the company's entire customer base, Sheetz stated in a monthly newsletter.

The case was made in an effort to enhance offerings for on-the-go consumers that do not have the time for made-to-order menu items. The addition of soups, sides, healthy snacks and desserts offer more for customers. This display case is an example of its "Made-to-Go" program, which has the potential to increase sales based on impulse, convenience, quality and freshness, the company stated.

Sheetz first introduced this concept several years ago, but found roadblocks. First, the preparation of the offerings was very labor intense. Management and controlling waste presented challenges daily for some managers. In addition, reporting and analysis tools lacked the sophistication they have today, the company stated.

The new program tackles these problems by offering quick, prepared meals to feed an entire family. The goal of the redesigned program is to minimize the amount of labor it takes to manage the case. It achieves this by delivering numerous items from a delivery center and plan-o-grams were redesigned to project a "full and well-stocked" appearance, the company stated.

In its test sites, results are encouraging. The best seller from the case is its Strawberry Yogurt Parfait. Sandwiches offered include traditional ham and turkey, specialty wraps and Ciabatta sandwiches. The company also noted that fresh fruit cups have seen success, along with prepared salads and meals, soups and sides.

While Sheetz continues to monitor sales in the test markets, it believes that the preliminary results show that the concept is a success and can be adjusted to fit in most, if not all, Sheetz locations. If positive results continue, Sheetz stores can expect some form of this program incorporated in all stores in the future, the company stated.