Sheetz Reapplies for Altoona Liquor License

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Sheetz Reapplies for Altoona Liquor License

ALTOONA, Pa. -- Sheetz Inc. is trying to get its liquor license back so it can start selling beer again at its combination c-store and restaurant here, according to a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review report.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court essentially revoked the store's license last month, when it decided that the store was improperly restricting its beer sales to takeout only.

"We've reapplied," Mike Cortez, vice president and general counsel for the Altoona, Pa.-based convenience store chain, said this week. An orange placard is in the store's window, indicating it is applying to the state Liquor Control Board for a retail dispenser license, and an inspector has visited, according to Cortez.

Sheetz argued unsuccessfully that its license didn't mandate that on-premises consumption be allowed. Now, if the retailer regains its license, its in-store restaurant will have to allow customers to drink there if they wish, Cortez told the newspaper.

"We think the Supreme Court decision highlights the awkward and backward nature of beer laws and regulations in the state of Pennsylvania," he said. "In order to sell beer, we are required against our wishes to sell for on-premises consumption. We must let someone sit in our restaurant and drink, and get back in their car and drive."

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