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Sheetz Receives Energy Efficiency Leader Award

CLAYSBURG, Pa. – Sheetz Inc. accepted an Energy Efficiency Leader Award yesterday in recognition of its efforts to increase the convenience store chain's environmentally sound practices, according to an Altoona Mirror report.

Ray Pittard, president of Thermo King North America, presented the award to Sheetz President and CEO Stan Sheetz.

"Delivering fresh products to every single Sheetz location every single day is a critical piece of our operations," Stan Sheetz said in a statement. "We have to make sure to meet our quality standards with each delivery. We're pleased that Thermo King has provided us with a temperature precision solution to meet these standards, while also saving money and minimally impacting the environment."

Sheetz is the first convenience retail chain to win the award.

Part of the Altoona, Pa.-based chain's energy efficiency efforts include a customized delivery fleet of 52 Thermo King multi-temperature Sprinter vans, which save more than 148,000 gallons of diesel per year compared to conventional box delivery solutions. The precise multi-temperature delivery conditions of the vans ensure product freshness and maintain shelf life, according to the report.

The Sprinter vans, which Sheetz added to its larger fleet in 2012 to support distribution of baked goods from its Sheetz Bros. Kitchen, travel 5.6 million miles a year and makes 160,000 deliveries to more than 450 Sheetz stores in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

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