Shell Launches Nationwide Safety Program

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Shell Launches Nationwide Safety Program


HOUSTON -- Shell Oil Co. has launched a nationwide program to strengthen its safety culture among all its employees. Known as Goal Zero, this initiative includes a pledge on the company's behalf to attain no lost-time accidents throughout 2011. Last year, with its strong emphasis on safety, Shell achieved its best-ever year in safety performance.

"Goal Zero captures the belief that we can operate without fatalities or significant incidents despite the often difficult conditions in which we operate," said Shell Area Manager Rick Powell. "This includes improving our safety leadership skills."

For the second time this month, officials from Shell Oil are travelling to Arkansas for a comprehensive safety training seminar hosted by Coulson Oil Co. This Tuesday, Coulson Oil will lead a safety class as part of Shell's Global HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environmental) initiative. The meeting will focus on best practices in regards to safety for all employees.

Earlier this month, on June 8, Coulson Oil presented a safety class for Shell and Coulson Oil employees as part of Shell's National Safety Week.

"We are honored that Shell has asked us to help lead them in these safety training workshops," said David Zakrzewski, president of Coulson Oil. "Safety is one of our four core values at Coulson Oil, along with integrity, service and innovation. Whether we are loading a tanker, driving to customer stores or repairing equipment, the safety of our team, our dealers and their customers is our top priority. It's a commitment we share along with Shell Oil."

This is the first year that Coulson Oil has hosted safety training for Shell representatives. The day-long session that was held the first week of June included a variety of topics, ranging from the basics of first aid treatment to performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and the proper use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine.

Richard Cannon, Coulson Oil's safety director, said the classes were aimed at how to immediately handle on-site injuries or health issues before seeking medical attention from a doctor, or while waiting for emergency health professionals to arrive on the scene. In the area of first aid, topics covered ranged from simple cuts and abrasions and how to stop or minimize bleeding, to animal bites, sprained joints and how to handle patients in shock.

"We offered hands-on training on all the safety topics we covered," Cannon said. "This wasn't just verbal instruction. Members of the class acted as the injured persons, and the other members administrated the first aid techniques, including performing CPR."

The training is being held at Coulson Oil facilities in North Little Rock, Ark. The company -- a multi-branded distributor of gasoline and diesel fuels in Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma -- is well-known for its focus on safety. In 2010, it achieved a milestone in the safe transportation of gasoline and diesel fuels, completing more than 1,200 days of operations without a lost-time accident.

In an average year, the company carries as many as 170 million gallons of fuel and travels as many as two million road miles. Through a network of more than 200 dealers, Coulson Oil markets branded fuels from Shell Oil, ConocoPhillips, Valero Energy and Sinclair Oil, as well as unbranded fuels.

Coulson Oil has received numerous awards in recognition of its safety record.