Shell Launches New Initiative to Develop Smarter Drivers

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Shell Launches New Initiative to Develop Smarter Drivers


HOUSTON -- After a national survey revealed that Americans care about using energy resources wisely, Shell Oil Co. launched Target One Million as part of its Smarter Driving program, intended to show one million people how easy it is to become more fuel efficient.

"Shell has more than 100 years of experience showing the world's drivers how to get more out of their fuel," said Elen Phillips, vice president, Shell Fuels Sales & Marketing Americas. "From this new research, it's clear that Americans want to know more. Programs like Smarter Driving and Target One Million are extremely important in demonstrating simple changes motorists can make to their driving habits to become more fuel efficient and to save at the pump."

The Shell Smarter Driving Survey revealed:

  • Americans are more concerned about energy waste compared to other countries surveyed. Half of U.S. drivers are bothered by people who waste energy, and 54 percent see it as a waste of resources beyond money.
  • U.S. drivers recognize the positive impact of fuel efficiency both financially and out of respect for the earth's resources.
  • Seventy-seven percent of U.S. drivers indicated that being fuel efficient is an important way for them to personally use resources in a more sustainable way, while 86 percent also see it as important for saving money.
  • Sixty-three percent of the drivers indicate a willingness to conserve fuel by changing their driving habits. Nearly one in three drivers also indicated they don't know how to drive more efficiently.

The survey also showed that when it comes to vehicle maintenance, most U.S. drivers take care of their vehicles' basic needs but could do more to be fuel efficient. These findings included:

  • Half of the people surveyed keep items in the trunk of their vehicles, with 23 percent using it as a permanent storage space.
  • Forty percent miss maintenance checks.
  • One in 10 do not get regular maintenance done on their vehicles.

To better educate drivers, Shell's Target One Million initiative reinforces the Smarter Driving program through an interactive, online game, the Shell Smarter Driving Challenge, at The game has been designed to be shareable across social media platforms and shows motorists how a few simple changes to driving habits, such as ensuring proper vehicle maintenance and using high quality products like Shell fuels and lubricants, can help them stretch their fuel purchases, stated the company.

Shell announced its new program and the research findings on fuel efficiency at the seventh annual Shell Eco-marathon Americas, which took place this past weekend in Houston. John and Helen Taylor, known as the world's most fuel efficient couple, helped to launch the Target One Million initiative at the event.

"We are thrilled American motorists want to learn how to drive more fuel efficiently and be kinder to their wallets at the same time," said Helen Taylor. "The Shell Smarter Driving Challenge mini-game is a fun way to learn, without taking too much time. Learning to be a smart driver doesn't have to be a hassle; it's easy!"

The Shell Smarter Driving Survey was commissioned by Shell and conducted by Edelman Berland, an independent research firm. The online survey was conducted in March and randomly sampled 1,591 American drivers across the United States.