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Shell, Motiva Unveil Plans To Strengthen Wholesalers, Dealers.

HOUSTON -- Shell Oil Products US and Motiva Enterprises LLC have introduced three new initiatives designed to strengthen the Shell brand in the United States.

The new programs—a branded debit/loyalty card, a new gasoline, and a support program to help wholesalers and retailers meet new payment card standards, should make its operators more competitive and reduce operating costs, the companies said.

At the 2008 Shell National Conference and Trade Show last week, Shell and Motiva unveiled the Shell $aver Card, a payment method that will be linked to an existing checking account, offer a discount to the consumer, reduce merchant service fees and help increase consumer loyalty. Shell will be the first major gasoline retailer to nationally offer this type of payment option, the companies said.

Available in March 2009, Shell's new Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline is a proprietary product that "seeks and destroys engine gunk in all three grades. The new formulation will address the needs of today’s modern engines and changing consumer behaviors," according to the companies.

One other initiative, Shell Site Systems Solutions (S4), will help wholesalers meet changing payment card industry requirements with new technology and incentives. "S4 will be supported by real dollars and will allow more wholesalers and retailers to take advantage of ongoing Shell-proprietary loyalty reward programs designed to attract and retain customers," the companies said.

There are more than 14,000 Shell-branded gas stations in the United States. Shell Oil Products US has a network of more than 6,000 branded gasoline stations in the western United States. Motiva Enterprises LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between Shell Oil Company and Saudi Refining Inc., refines and markets branded products through more than 8,100 Shell-branded stations in the eastern and southern United States. Shell has a presence in 49 states. According to the Lundberg Survey, in December 2007, Shell ranked Number one in total gallons sold in the U.S.

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