Shell Offers Ways for Drivers to Save on Fuel

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Shell Offers Ways for Drivers to Save on Fuel


HOUSTON -- In response to rising fuel costs, Shellgasoline launched a number of programs to protect both consumers' cars and their wallets, the company announced.

The company cited a 2010 Polk Study showing the length of new vehicle ownership has greatly increased as a reason to fill up the gas tank with higher quality fuel in order to extend the life of the car. Shell's Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System was designed specifically to clean and protect intake valves and fuel injectors, which improves engine performance as people drive, according to the company. Shell added that all three grades of Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines have been tested on a range of conventional, modern turbo-charged, direct fuel-injected and hybrid engines.

Shell also offers a number of ways to save through rewards programs. It has exclusive alliances with grocers such as Kroger, which also includes the Giant Foods and Stop & Shop chains, in over 80 markets across the U.S. Consumers can use their store loyalty cards to build up points in exchange for savings at Shell stations. Specific rewards vary by store and market, but consumers can find a list of participating stores and Shell stations at

The company has also teamed with Excentus to create a national rewards program through which consumers can earn cents-per-gallon discounts.

The company also offers a number of credit, debit and gift cards that can be used to increase savings, such as the Shell "Drive For Five" card and the Shell $aver Card. Information on Shell cards can be found at

Finally, Shell has created a mobile phone application that will help drivers locate the nearest Shell station, the company said. The "Shell Station Locator" app, available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android phones, will find the closest Shell station to the driver's current location, allowing them to fill up with Shell even in an unfamiliar area.