Shell Oil, ConocoPhillips Commend Senators for American Power Act

HOUSTON -- In response to the introduction of the "American Power Act" by Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.), Shell released a statement commending the senators for the energy and climate bill designed to strengthen our economy, create jobs and enhance our energy security while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the company reported.

"This legislation ensures America's global competitiveness and recognizes the role clean natural gas can play in growing the economy and protecting the environment," Shell said in a released statement. "The senators have taken a fresh approach to transportation emissions that encourages the development of home-grown energy, provides transparency for consumers and enables American refiners to compete against imports of diesel and gasoline.

"We are pleased the senators engaged Shell, along with other energy companies and an array of environmental and business groups, in dialogue as the bill was developed. They pursued an open and inclusive process and ensured a range of views were taken into account. Shell recognizes the hard work and important contributions of Senator Lindsay Graham to this process."

ConocoPhillips also applauded the senators for their work.

"ConocoPhillips appreciates the opportunity we have had to work with the senators and their colleagues and staff, and is pleased with the attention that has been given our key issues," Jim Mulva, ConocoPhillips chairman and chief executive officer, said in a released statement.

The framework addresses the following areas of particular interest to ConocoPhillips:

-- The energy intensive and trade-exposed nature of refineries;

-- A program to manage transportation emissions while supporting investment opportunities into low-carbon technologies;

-- Recognition of the role and benefits of natural gas in lowering carbon emissions; and,

-- A comprehensive, uniform carbon control strategy to replace Clean Air Act and varied state programs.

"ConocoPhillips will be thoroughly reviewing the complete American Power Act bill released today and looks forward to continuing our work with the senators," said Mulva.

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