Shell Oil To Use Precidia's iPocket

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Shell Oil To Use Precidia's iPocket

OTTAWA, Canada -- As part of Shell Oil Products U.S. 'Coolband Initiative,' Precidia Technologies Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of Internet Protocol (IP) access devices, has been chosen by Netifice Communications to provide network connectivity to serial equipment. Shell's new program consolidates a wide range of convenience store/petroleum equipment, from payment processing such as Verifone Ruby terminals, to tank monitors and video surveillance, onto a single broadband network infrastructure, replacing a VSAT connection.

Precidia's compact, plug and play iPocket232 connects existing serial devices to the Netifice broadband IP network via Ethernet and the customized iPocket232 works seamlessly on any broadband network. By connecting POS equipment to a broadband WAN, rather than VSAT, transaction authorization speeds are improved, and for many site operators, the overall cost of networking can be reduced by implementing a single multi-application solution, the company reported.

Precidia president Deepak Wanner believes this industry leading initiative gives Shell a unique competitive advantage. "CoolBand's complete, end-to-end managed solution delivers IP connectivity at a reasonable cost. We're pleased that the iPocket232 can play a significant role in this program, helping operators avoid equipment replacement and retraining costs throughout the transition to broadband," said Mr. Wanner.

Precidia is working with Netifice to offer this broadband connectivity option to operators of 10,000 retail site locations. The iPocket232 was customized to the needs of Shell's operators, and selected by Netifice to meet Shell's high security and reliability standards.