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Shell Opens First Hydrogen Pump in D.C.

HOUSTON -- Shell Hydrogen opened the first hydrogen dispenser at a retail gasoline station to service a fleet of six fuel-cell vehicles from the General Motors Corp.

Located in northeast Washington, D.C, the station is part of a collaboration between Shell and GM to demonstrate hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and refueling infrastructure technology. Shell will offer both compressed and liquid hydrogen at the station.

"Today marks the next major step in Shell Hydrogen's effort to make a substantial advance and move research further into reality," said Jeremy Bentham, CEO of Shell Hydrogen. "This Benning Road station in Washington, D.C., enables us to showcase the effectiveness of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in a city where key policymakers live and work."

The hydrogen station is the centerpiece of a partnership between Shell and GM to develop hydrogen-fueled vehicles on a commercial scale. The companies also are working together on the U.S. Department of Energy's Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project, which was announced in late April by the Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham.

Shell has a clear business strategy for the hydrogen market, said Bentham. "Our aim is to become the market leader in a growing industry that will provide hydrogen alongside improved traditional fuels to customers enjoying new generations of attractive vehicles. To meet our customers’ wishes for this attractive fuel, we’re focused today on large-scale demonstration projects -- what we call 'Lighthouse Projects' -- that create mini-networks of hydrogen fueling stations in specific cities or regions of the country.

Bentham added the Lighthouse Projects will bring together governments and several energy and auto companies to hasten full commercialization of hydrogen as a transportation fuel.
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