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Shell Transitioning Stations to New Payment Processing Platform

HOUSTON -- Shell Oil Co. will migrate its payment card traffic at domestic Shell-branded stations from traditional very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite systems to a new secure platform by the end of 2013.

Shell Oil Co. tapped Cybera, a provider of cloud-based security and application services, to conduct the payment processing transformation. According to Nashville-based Cybera, the move will save Shell millions of dollars in credit card fraud by thieves who breach its satellite system technology.

In addition, Shell's adoption of Cybera ONE technology will also address store network security through integrated security applications that reduce the risk of a network breach at the oil company's many network end points, the technology company noted.

"The Cybera ONE solution addresses the whole puzzle from networking, security, broadband connectivity, point-of-sale, loyalty and future application deployment," said Scott Taylor, business service manager, Shell Oil Products. "The economics of the Cybera ONE solution is truly astounding when compared to the fragmented alternatives or big-box retail solutions on the market today."

Shell is also implementing an incentive program to drive adoption of the Cybera ONE solution across its wholesaler and dealer network. The oil company launched a new incentive program intended to reduce the upfront cost of the platform for the first 4,000 orders placed now through June 17.

Shell believed upgrading its payment system was important because fraud is so pervasive at gas stations. "The breadth of benefits from the comprehensive Cybera ONE solution is an unparalleled value for just $79 per month for each Shell store," said Cliff Duffey, CEO of Cybera.

Shell Oil Products is a subsidiary of Shell Oil Co.

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