Shell & Turtle Wax Team Up to Launch Vehicle Hygiene Company

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Shell & Turtle Wax Team Up to Launch Vehicle Hygiene Company


HOUSTON — Shell Lubricants US and Turtle Wax Inc. are joining forces to launch Move Clean, a total vehicle hygiene company that is focused exclusively on the auto industry.

While vehicle hygiene is often neglected, COVID-19 is prompting unprecedented consumer concern about the safety and cleanliness of the vehicles they own, buy, rent, repair or share, according to the companies. Move Clean will provide a set of solutions specifically designed to be used in vehicle interiors and on premises where vehicles are sold, serviced or shared.

"From the beginning of the pandemic we saw the automotive industry struggle to find a solution that fit their needs. While business was down, they suddenly had additional responsibility to provide their customers with a safe and clean experience. Without an automotive solution readily available we found businesses trying just about anything; many of which weren't effective or vehicle safe," said Nathan Fink, founder and president of Move Clean. "We knew this was not a sufficient outcome for consumers, nor was it a sustainable business model for service providers so we set out to build a company with trusted industry partners who could provide best in class products in a sustainable way."

The company's new suite of total vehicle hygiene solutions includes safe, EPA-registered and long-lasting vehicle surface disinfectants and deodorizers, purpose-built application technologies designed specifically for the automotive industry.

"Consumer expectations for health and safety in all aspects of their lives are higher than ever. In Shell's journey to provide a clean and safe experience for our customers, we looked for industry partners who were as committed as we are to bringing a safe, effective and sustainable solution to the market to protect people and get the industry moving again. Shell is proud to have worked with Turtle Wax to respond to these needs by helping to support the launch of Move Clean," added Machteld De Haan, CEO of Pennzoil Quaker State Co. and vice president, Shell Lubricants Americas.

Move Clean's initial solutions are anchored by Turtle Wax's proprietary disinfecting solution, Defend-X, which features Byotrol technology and is an EPA-registered surface sanitizer that kills more than 99.9 percent of germs, including cold and flu viruses, 2009-H1N1 Influenza A virus, Respiratory Syncytial virus, Coronavirus, Rotavirus and Norovirus, the company said.

When used as intended, it keeps surfaces sanitized for 24 hours with only one application. Defend-X is non-staining and non-corrosive.

"Our cars are breeding grounds for germs and high-touch areas such as the steering wheel, interactive touch screens, door handles, and belt buckles can spread lingering germs to the driver and other passengers. With Americans spending considerable time in their vehicles, as well as an increase in fleet transportation disinfection needs to keep workforces on the go, the need for total vehicle hygiene has never been higher," said Turtle Wax Chief Operating Officer Laurie King. "Protecting vehicles inside and out has been a core principal since Turtle Wax was founded nearly 75 years ago. Our alliance with Shell to support the formation of Move Clean allows us to continue that mission while also bringing incredible innovation that helps keep Americans safe."

Move Clean solutions will pilot in select U.S. markets and will be available through key transportation partners, including participating Shell gas stations, in the coming months.