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Sinclair Selects Vendor Safe for Retail PCI Compliance

NEW ORLEANS -- Sinclair Oil selected Houston-based Vendor Safe Technologies for its Self Configuring Firewall Architecture and Global Security Mesh/VPN to isolate the point-of-sale (POS) system from other technology within the store's network, protecting it from malware, hackers and other potential threats, and helping Sinclair to achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance across its network of distributor and dealer-operated convenience stores.

"Networks and network security can be complex, and c-store managers by their nature are not technical," Trinette Huber, manager of information privacy and security in Sinclair's PCI Program, said in a statement. "Using Vendor Safe is like purchasing an in-house network department -- they provide their expertise, capabilities, support and technical know-how to protect our credit card data from these thieves. The PCI implementation has been accomplished in less than 30 days."

Vendor Safe implemented its Self Configuring Firewall Architecture solution for Sinclair convenience stores, where the POS and the back office systems are protected in separate security zones. Zoning allows for segmentation within a single network, providing security between the POS and the back office without impeding day-to-day workload, the technology company stated.

"When we began working with Sinclair, they had very specific requirements they were looking for in a security system including zoned levels of security, a fixed level of expense, little to no impact on daily business operations and minimal efforts to implement," said Bill Pickard, COO of Vendor Safe. "As a security company with more than 20 years experience designing and managing data networks, we have complex implementations down to a science. Our remote installation requires no on-site visits, and we are able to meet Sinclair's data security goals in record time."

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