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Skupos Partners With C-store Retailers & CPG Brands for 'Summer Traffic Jam' Program

The campaign is aimed at helping operators and brands increase sales during the critical summer months.
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SAN FRANCISCO — Skupos is launching a "Summer Traffic Jam" program, a  campaign that provides retailers with access to a suite of brand-funded promotions via the Skupos Engage platform. This is aimed at helping convenience stores and brands increase sales during the critical summer months.

Retailers who opt into the program will gain access to fully funded discounts from top brands such as Pepsi, General Mills, 5-hour ENERGY and others. Examples of program promotions include:

  • Buy two 15-ounce or 16-unce Rockstar Energy drinks, get $1 off
  • Buy two 3.75-ounce Chex Mix or three-ounce Bugles, get $1 off
  • Buy two 5-hour ENERGY shots, get $1 off

"We are excited to partner with Skupos on Summer Traffic Jam," General Mills Director of Convenience Steve Gokey said. "The Engage platform is an innovative promotional solution that will deliver value for both our retail partners and consumers."

Skupos was founded after recognizing that consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands had no way to effectively run promotions at scale across the highly fragmented small chain and independent convenience retail market. Skupos Engage connects brands and small retailers together in order to drive mutually revenue-generating programs.

Promotions such as these have a proven track record of performance, boosting promoted product sales up to 85 percent across participating stores, the company said.

"We're bullish on 'Summer Traffic Jam' generating revenue for both CPG brands and convenience retail customers," said Skupos Vice President of Sales Greg Fox. "Where CPG brands come to Skupos looking to tap into our base of independent and small chain convenience stores, now the store operators and owners can tap into a large base of brand promotions."

Founded in 2016, San Francisco-based Skupos' platform enables both retailers and brands to stay competitive through better understanding and serving their end customers.

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