SmartFuel iPhone App Launches

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SmartFuel iPhone App Launches


NASHVILLE -- The SmartFuel mobile application is now available in the iTunes App Store, its developer Iridium Development LLC announced. The App allows users to search for gas stations with the cheapest fuel prices along their intended route, as well as rate gas stations on factors such as cleanliness and safety. Other drivers can then use these ratings to decide where to stop.

"SmartFuel is more than a fuel application; it's a service for consumers who are looking for cost-effective, convenient, safe and clean gas stations," said Michael Sohr, president of SmartFuel. "How many times have you been on a road trip or in an unfamiliar neighborhood, only to find that the gas station you stopped at is in an unsafe area or has unsanitary restrooms? SmartFuel is the only service that provides ratings on this information before you stop -- at the same time ensuring that you're getting the best gas prices available."

When using SmartFuel, users name their destination and then select a search radius or distance and a grade of fuel. The App then provides them with a list of the best gas stations, determined by pricing and distance. Users can view the stations' ratings and add their own after filling up.

SmartFuel also tracks how much money users save over time by using the App. According to the announcement, the average U.S. family can save up to $375 per year. The App accesses station information through the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), a comprehensive source of petroleum pricing information that has access to more than 130,000 gas stations in the U.S. and provides up to 1.5 million price updates each day.

The company also stated that SmartFuel can help users find the cheapest gas without changing their destination, up to 100 miles ahead. The App uses deCarta's HWS services API, along with map data provided with NAVTEQ.

"By using NAVTEQ maps, a benchmark of accuracy in the industry, SmartFuel has created a truly one-of-a-kind solution for today's high gas prices," said Steve Altman, vice president, consumer North America, NAVTEQ.

After downloading SmartFuel, users can enjoy a free 30-day trial before signing up for a $4.99 six-month subscription, an $8.99 12-month subscription or a $14.99 24-month subscription. More information is available at