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Snacking Insights Webcast: Anytime and On-the-Go: The Rise of Portable Snacking

Date of webcast:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Time & time zone / duration of webcast: 

2:00 pm ET/1:00 pm CT/11: 00 am PT

Duration: 1 hour


Webcast title:

CSNews Snacking Insights Webcast: Anytime and On-the-Go: The Rise of Portable Snacking


Webcast topic:

Consumers' tendency to replace regular, full meals with on-the-go snacking is nothing but good news for the convenience retail channel. Snacks, including salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels, and alternative snacks like jerky sticks and nutrition bars, are showing strong growth in the c-store channel, and appear headed to even faster sales growth this year.

According to the recent Convenience Store News Retailer Forecast Study, c-store operators expect the continued popularity of snacking to contribute to the growth of salty snack sales this year, with three-quarters of chain retailers saying they believe their sales in this category will increase in 2016. Meanwhile, the meat snacks category is growing even faster, especially among health-conscious millennials.

The coming year is likely to bring even more variety and innovation to the category. Convenience store retailers know that the snacks category continues to change at a rapid pace, presenting them with numerous tough decisions related to new product introductions and category management.

Join this free CSNews webcast for a penetrating look at the snack category with special guests Steve Montgomery, President, b2b Solutions, LLC, and Tim Powell, Vice President of Consulting, Q1 Consulting Services. Montgomery will provide an overview of the size and growth of the snacks category and discuss how retailers can use category management techniques to maximize their sales and profits. Powell will take a deeper dive into the hot meat snacks category and why such factors as nutrition, innovation, changing tastes and product variety are all contributing to a nationwide surge in meat snack sales.



Presenting publication:

Convenience Store News


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Ball Park and Jack Links



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Steven J. Montgomery

President, b2b Solutions, LLC

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Tim Powell

Vice President of Consulting, Q1 Consulting



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Don Longo

Editor-in-Chief, Convenience Store News



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