Some Isis Early Adopters Using It Five Times a Week

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Some Isis Early Adopters Using It Five Times a Week


DALLAS -- The Isis mobile wallet is gaining a following among users who are enjoying the loyalty and offers portion of the application. In fact, “active users” report using the wallet five or more times a week, according to a report by Mobile Commerce Daily.

"What we are seeing in terms of the consumers' willingness to take on the product, despite the fact that it is new and innovate and nothing like they have ever experienced, has been good," Jim Stapleton, chief sales officer for Isis, said on a conference call held for members of the media who were unable to attend the 2013 Payments Summit in Salt Lake City. Executives from Visa and MasterCard were also on the call.

Isis mobile wallet users are visiting merchants twice as frequently, even though the application -- a joint venture between AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile -- is currently in its pilot form in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City.

As previously reported by CSNews Online, the mobile wallet made an October debut in the two cities, and if it is successful, Isis is expected to expand its near field communication (NFC)-based service to other cities throughout the United States. To use the application, consumers download the Isis Mobile Wallet application (app) from Google Play, load an eligible American Express, Capital One or Chase credit into the Isis Mobile Wallet and then visit a participating retailer who accepts the mobile wallet payment service.

Consumers are able to engage with Isis in more than 200 hundred carrier stores in Austin and Salt Lake City, including Maverik Inc.’s Salt Lake City convenience stores. Upon opening the wallet, users can find approximately 10,000 locations across the two cities where they can use it.

Isis is also trying to link the technology with the Salt Lake City Transit Authority, which currently uses contactless technology across its entire system. Isis has been using the transit authority for advertising and introduced a free promotion, extended through March, that enables early adopters to ride the system for free. To get activated, consumers pick one of 20 handsets that can carry Isis. Isis is then loading a $10 card for each consumer who signs up, and awarding $15 to consumers who decided to link the wallet to a funding source.