Sony Targets C-Store Security

PARK RIDGE, N.J.Sony Electronics introduced the new HSR-X200 digital hard disc time-lapse recorder that provides higher reliability and lower maintenance than analog recorders as well as high resolution and compatibility with tape-based closed circuit television (CCTV) infrastructures. The new recorders are designed for use in convenience stores and other retail environments where CCTV systems are already in place."This new recorder can be installed onto an existing surveillance system as an alternative to analog time lapse VCRs," said Jim Sandy, vice president of marketing for security products at Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Co. "Since the control protocol is the same as current analog time-lapse recorders, the unit can simply be a 'drop-in' replacement."The HSR-X200 digital recorder has a hard disc capacity of 80 gigabytes (GB) and is expandable to 160 GB with the addition of an additional hard drive, which allows for 671 hours of recording time at one picture per second and 300 TV lines of resolution. This feature provides recording lengths that never a need to change a tape. When the unit reaches its recording capacity, it simply begins replacing the oldest recording stored in its memory.An added benefit to this new digital recorder is its ability to download archived data, using removable storage media, and easily transfer it to a third party without having to give away the hard drive. In addition, users can review and control the digital recorder and remotely access recorded information over the Internet.
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