Speedway Joins U.S. Army Jobs Program

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Speedway Joins U.S. Army Jobs Program


ENON, Ohio — Speedway LLC is teaming up with the U.S. Army to provide more employment opportunities for veterans. The company has joined the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) job program, which was launched in 2000 to help veterans transition from military service to a civilian career, reported the Dayton Daily News.

Through the PaYS program, the Army matches businesses with new recruits based on the training they will receive while in the service, which focuses on job skills that companies look for in future employees, according to PaYS analyst Crancena Ross. After they have completed their service, the veterans are guaranteed at least a job interview with their PaYS partner.

Speedway looks for the same qualities in employees as those the military instills, according to President Tony Kenney.

"You think about the values that young soldiers have coming into the workforce — it's about team, it's about respect, integrity and honor. Those are the things that really help a business be successful," Kenney told the news outlet. "One of our values is respecting diversity among our employees, and diversity is also defined by the background and the kind of experience one has had."

Approximately 500 veterans are already employed at Speedway. The company decided to join PaYS following its purchase of Hess Corp.'s retail arm.

"Our local recruiting group here at Speedway has continued to grow and we're thinking of creative ways to bring talent to the company," Kenney said, adding that the partnership could lead to interviewing and potentially hiring hundreds or even thousands of veterans.

Enon-based Speedway LLC operates 2,755 convenience stores.