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Speedway SuperAmerica Fights Swipe Fees With Petition

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Speedway SuperAmerica LLC (SSA) is conducting a petition drive for customers to urge Congress to take action and address the problem of excessive credit card swipe fees, the company reported. The convenience store chain is running an in-store petition, and consumers can also make their voices heard through the Web site, developed by NACS.

Signage in SSA's stores for the month of April state: "Help us put an end to unfair credit card swipe fees that are taking more from every dollar."

"As part of the NACS Fight Swipe Fees petition drive, Speedway SuperAmerica is starting a company-wide campaign in April with a goal of collecting over 1 million signatures," Tony Kenney, SSA president and a member of the NACS board of directors, said in a released statement. "As part of our efforts in delivering an exceptional experience to our customers, we continuously focus on controlling our expenses in order to provide the best value for our products and services."

Credit card swipe fees today are the second-highest business cost to convenience stores and are non-negotiable, inflating the prices consumers pay for everyday goods and services, according to NACS.

"Credit card fees are hidden to our customers and have increased at a double digit annual compound growth rate during the past decade," said Kenney. "We expect that our petition campaign will carry more customer voices to Congress demanding that they address the problem of credit card swipe fees."

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