Speedway SuperAmerica Parties for Loyalty Program Birthday

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Speedway SuperAmerica Parties for Loyalty Program Birthday

ENON, Ohio -- To celebrate the fifth birthday of its Speedy Rewards loyalty program, Speedway SuperAmerica is conducting a "Speedy Rewards Anniversary" promotion with prizes for its loyalty program cardholders, the In-Store Marketing Institute reported.

Speedy Rewards provides cardholders with codes on their receipts when they make qualifying purchases. The codes can be submitted online to enter the sweepstakes, which will award a grand prize of 5 million rewards points, along with 50 daily prizes of 10,000 points being awarded from Sept. 1-30, the organization reported. In addition, an alternative mail-in version will award 10,000 points to 50 winners in a random drawing at the end of the promotion, the report stated.

Speedway SuperAmerica is promoting the program through pumptoppers, and clings and in-store signage at its convenience stores, including on "Speedy Rewards Terminal" kiosks in stores.

Speedy Rewards members accrue points toward free products and gas discounts, and bonus points are offered with the purchase of specific items, the report stated.

Bonus-point offers during the celebration include 200 points for two 20-ounce soft drinks, king-size candy bars, private-label sub sandwiches, grill items, Frito-Lay snacks or Redman snuff. Purchases of products from suppliers Wrigley, Twix, Gatorade, Emerald, Glaceau, Jolly Time and Mentos, earn 100 points, the organization reported.

In addition, 100 points can also be earned with the purchase of a cappuccino and a Reese's Pumpkin from Hershey Co.; 300 points for buying PepsiCo's Pepsi Max and a hot grill item; and 500 points for a Red Bull and breakfast sandwich.

Throughout the month, Speedy Rewards members will also get a 5-cent per gallon discount when they buy gas on Saturdays and Sundays at the convenience retailer, the report stated.

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